What about your friends…

April 27, 2010 at 8:34 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve been working for weeks, shuttling back and forth for the three facebook accounts that I created for three of the main characters in Promises; Jillian Guthrie, Vinni Saito, & Lucinda Saito. I’ve spent more time working and fleshing out Jilly’s with the other acting as supporting and bit players but I plan to add even more to these latter two accounts as well. Friend them all and check out my progress and the backstory of Jillian’s past.

Jillian G: Begins after she leaves home for college and meets up with her best friend and roommate during freshman year at NYU. (jenndeve@gmail.com)

Vinni S: Jillian’s roomate. The girls form a tightknit bond that is cemented by the time Promises actually starts up, years later. (vinnilurvespeanuts@yahoo.com)

Lulu S: Vinni’s BTVS/Angel obssessed grandmother who also forms her own bond with budding artist Jillian. The two eventually begin working together on children’s books. (lulusmrpointy@yahoo.com)


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